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Williams in Wales

For The Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations. Psalm 100:5

August, 2021

Dear Pastors, Prayer Partners, Family, and Friends,

As we start this prayer letter we want to bring these Urgent Prayer Request needs to your attention. Our first request is for safety as we will be traveling to London this Monday to renew the kids' expired passports at the U.S. Embassy. Please pray everything goes smoothly at the Embassy. Please pray there will be no delays for our train ride back on Wednesday morning, and that we will make it back in time for our children's ministry game night. Secondly Richard's driving exam on August 19th please pray that he will pass the exam. After he passes his exam we are in need of a new vehicle because unfortunately our vehicle's gearbox (transmission) has gone. We had two different mechanics look at our vehicle and both said it would cost more than the car is worth to fix it. Please pray that God will provide a reasonably priced and reliable car to replace ours. If you would like to help us purchase a new vehicle you can find donation information at the Bottom of our prayer letter page.

We are also 8 months away from having to renew our visas -The estimated cost to do this is $21,000. We currently have the majority of that already set aside. We still need to raise about $7,000 to renew our visas, we will be starting the renewal process in spring of 2022. Please pray God will provide the funds needed.

Today Wales has gone down to a level 0 which means most restrictions have been lifted. Praise the Lord!! Our kids ministry has been going very well, we have been blown away by how many children from the village have been attending. One of the mothers we spoke with had been praying that morning for her 9 year old as she was losing faith in God. The young girl kept bugging her mother to take her to the large slide at the park where we meet. One of our volunteers asked the mother if her daughter was here for games night. She asked what's that, as he explained that we teach about Jesus, she was so pleased and told him this is an answer to my morning prayers. The young lady and her friend have been attending for the last three weeks. While she was playing with Ana she said she didn't have any christian friends and asked Ana if she believed in God. Currently this family is not attending any church, we are praying that through our games night God will open up the door for them to start attending our church. It has been a blessing to see God working in these kids lives already. One young man Harri has gone from why do we need to learn about Jesus and giving his friend a hard time for asking questions about Jesus, to asking if he could sign his name to the craft project about being made in God's image. Please continue to pray for this ministry as it grows. We also have started our children's Sunday school program. Melinda has been teaching about God's Big Rescue Plan.

One of the issues we have been dealing with lately is that we have a few members of the church that believe Sunday morning church is for believers only. They do not want to invite friends or family to church until they are saved and growing in their faith for at least a few months or longer. They are fine with the church not growing, because in their mind it is only for mature believers. We believe God desires the church to be full of those who believe and those who are seeking to know more and want to begin a relationship with Jesus. Please pray that God will open the hearts of these christians to see the need not only to share the gospel but to invite the lost to church. We want to be known as a church that Loves Jesus, the Lost, and the people of the Conwy Valley. 

In His Service,

Richard & Melinda Williams



Playing a little extreme duck, duck, goose before lesson time, on games night.
Prayer Request  
  • Travel safety for our trip to London
  • Purchase of a new vehicle 
  •  Funds for our Visa renewal
  • God will bring new families to our church
  • Health and safety for our family 
  •  Children from our games night will start a relationship with Jesus
  • Spiritual growth within our church family
  • Isaiah's & Isaac's upcoming SAT test in October
  • Richard passes his drivers license test!!
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